How can I tell how many points my traffic violation will be?

Being pulled over is a hassle. No one wants to get a ticket let alone pay the potential fines and costs associated with receiving a ticket. The charge determines the amount of the fine, and it increases depending on the degree of violation. The fine, however, is not the total cost of the ticket.

Police in the State of New Jersey can issue moving violations to those drivers stopped and ticketed for violations while the vehicle is in motion. (Points are not assessed for non-moving violations.) A driver will be assessed points against his or her license for each moving violation conviction. These license points are always in addition to fines and court costs.

Points on a license will accrue. The accrual of points also directly impacts one’s driving privileges. In New Jersey, the accrual of points may result in a surcharge as well as a suspension of driving privileges.

A Surcharge is a fine the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) assess against drivers with excessive points for traffic violations. A driver receiving 6 points on his or her current driving record within a 3 year period will receive a surcharge of $150. The driver will also be required to pay $25 for each additional point. The MVC-issued surcharges are in addition to fines and court costs.

In addition to surcharges, a driver accumulating too many points on his or her license may lose his or her driving privileges. A driver receiving 12 or more points will have his or her driving privileges suspended. Your excessive traffic violations could cost you your ability to drive! The suspension will be issued to you via mail. You will be required to complete specific requirements before your driving privileges are reinstated.

Fortunately, the MVC has published its moving violations point schedule on its website. The schedule provides a detailed breakdown of the points assessed for the most common moving violations. It also provides details regarding additional points that may be added based on the circumstances of the violation.

New Jersey is party to several driving compacts. As a result, the MVC assesses points and penalties against drivers receiving moving violations in other party states. New Jersey assesses two points for each out of state moving violation!

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