What a Delivery Worker’s Next Step is After a Dog Bite

You probably have seen it on a television, where the postal worker is walking through a neighborhood and gets chased down by a dog. Believe it or not, this happens often. Sometimes, dogs will get loose and end up attacking these workers. Depending on how extreme the bite is, you may want an attorney to help you take the case to court. Believe it or not, a New Jersey DWI attorney like John C Iannelli can help you sort through the tangible and intangible factors that can show this situation could have been prevented.

The Bite

First of all, take whatever pictures you can and keep all paperwork, such as hospital bills. Your case may not happen until after your injuries are healed, so if you don’t have proof of injury, it may lead to losing the case. Your attorney will suggest what records to keep and find to try to win. He or she can help you collect as much evidence as possible.

The Owner and the Dog

The owner may not have known the dog was out because sometimes, even with the best fences and chains, dogs can get loose. However, if the owner lets the dog out knowing it is vicious at times, this can be used in your case. If the dog has already bitten people, especially delivery workers, then the owner should not have let the dog out. Your attorney can use this as evidence to show the owner had knowledge of the dog’s behavior. The owner is solely and fully responsible for anything the dog does.

Where Will the Money Come From?

In the state of New Jersey, when a home buyer finds homeowner’s insurance, he or she has to let the insurance know if he or she owns a dog. This is usually the same for renter’s insurance. Most insurances have a section exclusively about dogs and the risk of dog bites. When a dog bite happens, it costs the liability insurance companies – not the homeowner – up front. The homeowner’s insurance rates will then increase.

Dog bites happen all the time and some are more extreme than others. If you have a serious life-threatening injury, an attorney can help defend you. Call the New Jersey DWI attorney, John C Iannelli, for any more questions about what to do about a dog bite. You can call today at 856-227-2434 or contact us at our website johnilawyer.com.

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