What Not To Do When Charged With a New Jersey DUI

A New Jersey DUI may seem like the end of the world. However, if you find yourself at a roadside checkpoint, remember that you do have rights. Police use certain techniques to trigger behaviors that are common with intoxicated drivers. There are a few things to remember if ever faced with that situation that could help your case in the end.

Check Your Attitude

When you treat law enforcement with the respect they feel that they deserve, you can get a long way. Negative attitudes can make a possible New Jersey DUI turn into a definite. If you a cop pulls you over, do not make shifty, secretive moves, especially if it’s nighttime. The darkness has a way of changing the way people see things. Turn the interior light on and have all of your credentials ready. Make sure to keep your hands where police can always see them. Be polite in answering their questions. Remember that they can use anything you say against you in court. Do not refuse to answer their questions. It is best to politely explain that you are going to exercise your right to silence or the presence of an attorney before you answer.

Follow Directions

Following directions in a stressful situation can feel overwhelming and confusing. However, it’s important you try not to get frustrated by the things you are asked to do by police if they suspect you of a New Jersey DUI. It is important to do what is asked of you.

There are some instances where your knowledge of your rights can be helpful. You certainly cannot use that knowledge against the officers. For example, field sobriety tests are a tricky subject. Refusing to perform them can suggest guilt. You should explain any medical conditions that could keep you from performing a task to the arresting officers and be prepared at trial to produce evidence to support that claim. Refusal to do a field breath test is never a good option. There is a separate charge in the state of New Jersey that can have an additional impact on your driver’s license. It is much more difficult to defend. A refusal charge coupled with a New Jersey DUI makes getting your license back in a timely manner very difficult to do.

Get Help

If charged with DUI, do not wait until the day before court to find an attorney. The first thing you should do is contact an attorney. New Jersey has a 60-day goal to address and complete DUI charges in the state. If you wait to get an attorney, there could be some important arguments that we would never get to because our time has run out. Make a written record of everything you remember about that night. Take pictures of the scene if you can. And get an attorney on board immediately to look at the situation. Representation can save you a lot of time, money, and embarrassment.

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