Drug Charges: An Overview

Drug charges can be complicated and terrifying; they often carry stiff sentences that can include prison time. While laws pertaining to marijuana, which is restricted at the federal level, vary a great deal depending on the state, most illicit drugs – like cocaine and methamphetamine – are illegal at both the state and federal level. Drug charges come in many different varieties.

Drug Paraphernalia Charge

The criminal charge of possession of drug paraphernalia concerns your possession of specific items that are used either in the use of or the distribution of drugs, and the distinction between distribution and use can be very important to your case.

Drug Possession Charge

Drug possession is a felony charge that refers to both federal and state laws that make it a crime to willfully possess illegal controlled substances (as well as certain precursor chemicals and drug-use related accessories). The parameters of a drug possession charge can vary widely depending on the state and the class of drug involved.

Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation Charge

The manufacturing and cultivation of illegal drugs is a criminal charge under both federal and state law – with some limited exceptions for marijuana in certain states. Drug manufacturing is usually a felony charge and refers to your involvement in any step in the process of producing illicit drugs, including your provision of certain ingredients or specialized equipment. Cultivation of marijuana, also a felony charge, refers to the cultivation of marijuana plants. While there are some states that have legalized the drug, it is not exempt from federal enforcement, which leaves plenty of room for uncertainty.

Drug Trafficking and Distribution Charge

Drug distribution or trafficking is a felony charge that represents a more serious crime than simple possession. Distribution/trafficking laws relate to the sale, transportation, and illegal import of illegal controlled substances, including prescription drugs.

Medical Marijuana Charge

Laws relating to medical marijuana remain mired in uncertainty due to the fact that marijuana – whether medical or not – is illegal at the federal level. Nonetheless, individual states continue to legalize the use of medical marijuana (and some have even legalized marijuana for recreational use).

If you or someone you care about is facing a drug charge of any kind, you should seek immediate legal guidance.

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