What You Should Look For in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Defending yourself from criminal charges is not something that you should do alone. You are offered representation through the court for that reason. Public Defenders are there to help those accused navigate the very difficult waters of criminal law. Self-defending, though it is your right, is very difficult. Because of this, finding a criminal attorney you can trust is important to defend your future. You should consider the attorney’s experience, knowledge, and determination when making your choice. The right attorney for you can make all the difference.


Criminal defense attorneys need experience in the courthouse. Expertise in defending someone in court requires more experience than sitting behind a desk making plea deals. Rather, experience comes from physically being in a courtroom. Attorneys need experience interacting with judges and other people in court. Attorneys win cases by understanding the intricacies of the court and by thinking quickly on their feet. Whether it’s a simple hearing or an all-out jury trial, your criminal attorney should have experience in the courtroom and a good track record.


Law is a difficult field. Laws fill volumes of books that take up entire libraries. But it is even more complicated than that. Every county and local area has their own processes or rules when it comes to handling criminal charges. Knowledge of these processes can help turn your case around quickly. Everyday citizens cannot possibly understand the extent of these laws and processes. So hiring an attorney with not only knowledge of the law, but also knowledge of the local processes puts your case in a better position.


Finally, the legal system can be frustrating. Cases are frequently deferred and rescheduled. There are often too many cases on a docket to get heard. You may feel like your case stretches on forever. An attorney in your corner that knows the system will battle those situations for you. It takes determination to make sure a case gets heard. It takes phone calls and DA Office visits and showing up to court when needed. Perseverance is a large part of what criminal defense lawyers have to do. They fight for your rights to be heard and exercised.

Navigating the difficult world of law in New Jersey should be done by a professional. Finding the professional that will work for you is important. The Law Office of John C. Iannelli is here to help. We have 23 years of experience navigating laws and local processes. We will defend your best interests. Give us a call today at 856-227-2434 to set up a consultation and discuss the best defense for your case.

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