How a New Jersey Attorney Can Protect You After a Hit and Run

Car accidents are, unfortunately, a fairly common occurrence on the roadway. They can range from simple fender benders to serious events carrying criminal charges. If you get in a car accident and the other party leaves the scene, you may want to file a hit-and-run charge. To keep your case from spiraling out of control, seek the help of a legal professional. Focusing on these key points, a New Jersey attorney will help protect your rights as a victim.

Documenting the Case

Contacting a New Jersey attorney immediately after a hit and run will allow for testimonials to be collected while still fresh on everyone’s mind. In the heat of a moment, irrelevant details (undocumented or forgotten facts) are more likely to be preserved.

Requesting a copy of the accident report is an equally important step in the process. Even so, it’s a step most individuals simply forget while caught up in the stress of the accident.

Answering Difficult Questions

Corresponding with insurance companies, financial institutions, and the medical community becomes exhausting. The incriminating questions frequently thrown at hit-and-run victims can be equally tiring. A New Jersey attorney will counsel individuals on answering detailed questions while at the same time conveying the seriousness of the case.

Filing the Paperwork

Does your case have the potential for a personal injury claim? Are you within the statute of limitations to file one? In the event of a court case, what obstacles will you encounter? Uninsured victims have options when filing a personal injury claim following a hit and run. A New Jersey attorney will be able to comb through the piles of paperwork, state mandates, and legal verbiage to help lay out a list of options.

Limiting the Risk

As with any car accident, individuals are at risk for major emotional, physical, and financial damages. The idea of journeying through the legal system often makes matters significantly worse. It’s important to remember, as a victim of a hit and run, that you have rights. But without all the facts, you may be left cleaning up an emotional, physical, and financial mess on your own.

The first step in the getting the restitution you deserve? Entrusting your rights as a victim to the skills of an experienced attorney. Call John C. Iannelli today if you are a victim of a hit-and-run crime in New Jersey and need legal assistance. Our office number is 856-227-2434.

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