How to Handle a Speeding Ticket

Speeding tickets are expensive and are no fun. Seeing the flashing lights behind you and looking down at your speedometer can turn your stomach. The number of miles over the limit can affect your punishment. Did you know you have more options than just paying for your ticket? Hire a New Jersey DWI attorney to help get your ticket dismissed and the additional punishments that come with.

The Basics of a Speeding Ticket

There are many different factors at play when it comes to getting a speeding ticket. The ticket will depend on how many miles over the limit you were driving. One to fourteen miles over the limit will cost you two points. A ticket that is between fifteen to twenty-nine miles over is four points. A ticket that is for thirty or more miles over, you will receive five points. With each of these offenses you will receive fines that you must pay and, because of the points added on your record, your insurance premium can rise.

Additional punishment is added on for those who have received a speeding ticket that was thirty miles or higher. The officer or state trooper that has pulled you over will either add two things: he or she can add an additional two points for careless driving, or he or she can add an additional five points for reckless driving. Both can result in having your license taken away or being suspending for thirty to sixty days.

What a New Jersey DWI Attorney Can Do

You cannot ever forget your constitutional right to an attorney. Your attorney can help get your speeding ticket completely dismissed. You may have seen people standing up for themselves without an attorney; the whole trial usually ends badly for them. Therefore, an attorney is a good idea. Your attorney knows how to look at the evidence to show your innocence. The attorney will fight to get rid of the points, fines, and any added punishment. If the judge sees that you are guilty, your attorney will negotiate your fines and points. The small fee for your hard-working attorney will save you much more if you are proven innocent.

A great attorney cannot promise you will win, but he or she can promise hard work to get you winning results. Using an attorney to handle your speeding ticket can save you a lot more than just a fine. Your speeding ticket dismissed means that you will not have added points or fines as well as your insurance premium going up. Hiring a New Jersey DWI attorney is in your favor.

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