How to Handle an Out-of-State Traffic Ticket

Forty-four states and the District of Columbia subscribe to the DLC, or Driver’s License Compact. It is an agreement across states to exchange information about license suspensions and traffic violations by out-of-state drivers. Because of this, any out-of-state traffic ticket you receive will show up in your home state. When it comes to dealing with an out-of-state traffic ticket, you have several options and decisions to consider.

Paying Your Out-of-State Traffic Ticket

There are usually two options for handling tickets both in and out of state. Most give instructions for paying the fine associated with the offense directly on the ticket. Admitting guilt to the offense and paying the ticket is the first option. If that is the option you choose to follow, make sure to read the ticket instructions carefully. It may even be a good idea to call the county’s Clerk of Court or District Attorney’s office to make sure you understand what needs to be done to settle the ticket.

Fighting Your Out-of-State Traffic Ticket

Another option is fighting your out-of-state traffic ticket. If this is your intention, the best advice is to hire an attorney in the state your ticket was issued. Your local attorneys will not be familiar with traffic laws or violation information for the area in which you received the ticket. An attorney in the state your ticket was issued will have the knowledge and experience necessary to fight your out-of-state traffic ticket.

Using an Attorney

Once you have found an attorney, give their office a call. They may be able to tell you over the phone what the cost would be to represent you in traffic court, or they may wish to schedule a phone consultation to discuss the details. Make sure to contact an attorney with enough time to consult them prior to the court date assigned by the officer who issued the ticket. The date should be located somewhere in plain sight on the ticket.

Expert Advice

An attorney can walk you through the ticket charges and your options. If for some reason, they think you are better off just admitting guilt and paying the ticket, they will discuss this option during your consultation. In some instances they can plead to a lesser charge, which may help your insurance cost and avoid points against your license. Because handling an out-of-state traffic ticket is a complicated process, it is important to get expert advice. Although there is a fee for an attorney’s representation, they can potentially save you insurance costs, fines, and points against your license. More importantly, it assures you that a knowledgeable person is assisting you with a potentially delicate matter.

Allow the attorneys to handle these delicate matters. An out-of-state ticket may not seem like a big deal, but it can cause problems if not handled properly. Having the protection of an attorney is your best option. Call John C. Iannelli today if you are in need of a New Jersey attorney. Our office number is 856-227-2434.

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